4 feet under

We invent games for players

Innovation driven product developement, from idea to store shelf.

4 Feet Under Oy is a Finnish company whose mission is to conceptualize new, unprecedented sports and gaming equipment for the global market.

The company initially develops, protects, manufactures and licenses its own and, where appropriate, products also based on other actors’ ideas.

After hedging inventions, the company strives to achieve its fast, dominant position through its partnership, distribution and marketing strategy.

Our strategy is pretty simple, but simple is beautiful, is not it?


4 Feet Under Oy’s first product creates a completely new category for table games in the world. We firmly believe that the game will revolutionize the pastime of its fans in a ridiculously simple way.

A patent application has been filed and trademark registration applied for. The first consumer tests have been sheer joy. “If you do not get excited about this game, check your pulse, you’re probably dead!”


We love to collaborate, grow our network and combine our strength with others.

We are happy to cooperate with other game manufacturers and licensees.

Or if you have an idea of a boy or a commercial or potential sports or gaming device, please contact us.

Any kind of collaboration in game development is a great operating model. In other words. Call us or we will visit you!! Our van is ready to start in our office’s courtyard.